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Learn about DRIVE

Drive gives Detroit Nation members a direct and personally meaningful way to participate in the revitalization of the Detroit economy by volunteering their time, professional skills and resources to social enterprises and nonprofits in Detroit.  We are assembling teams of Creative Allies from all across the country to participate.  As a DRIVE team member you will have the opportunity to help some of Detroit’s rising stars quickly scale their businesses.  Each team will be partnered remotely with a Detroit based organization and help them through by strategizing during a Blitz or Extended session.  The assembled team of Creative Allies will use their session to develop high impact and implementable solutions that help their partner organization.   Below you will find more information about each type of DRIVE Session.

  • Blitz Session – Each Blitz Session will bring together DRIVE teams to brainstorm and develop an implementable action plan to help their partner organization.  Blitz Sessions will be held on a single day and last for four hour
  • Extended Session – The Extended Session allows DRIVE teams to help their partner organization in a bigger way.  DRIVE teams will meet for four consecutive weeks for four hours at a time to develop an implementable action plan and offer their professional skills and resources to their partner organization.

So join us for an upcoming DRIVE session!  Check out our DRIVE video below.

DRIVE – Developed by Detroit Nation in Partnership with Repair the World from Detroit Nation on Vimeo.